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Visit my home based HD Brow & LVL Lash salon based in Pensford, Bristol only 20 minutes from Bristol city centre. We are a professional home based Bristol salon who specialise in HD Brows, Brow Scalp and LVL Lash Lifts. We are a proud salon that represent a 5 star Google business rating

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Mon: 9:15 - 15:00 then 18:00 - 21:45
Tues: 9:15 - 15:00 then 19:45 - 21:45
Wed: 9:15 - 15:00 then 17:30 - 21:45
Thurs: 9:15 - 15:00 then 17:30 - 21:00
Fri: 9:15 - 15:00 then 17:30 - 20:00
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All about LVL

LVL lashes Bristol

The LVL Lash Lift is the revolutionary lash phenomenon that reveals your natural lashes in all their glory. Exclusive to Nouveau Lashes, the LVL effect is about freedom. It’s about knowing your eyes will be the centre of attention. Without you having to do a thing. Make the most of what nature gave you. With the length, volume and lift effect of LVL.


By straightening your natural eyelashes at the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.


Around 45 minutes with an expert LVL lash technician. It’s a closed-eye procedure too. Relax. Time for a power nap. You’re then set for up to 8 weeks.


We’re the undisputed authority in lash care. So you can be assured that our LVL products have been specifically formulated and tested to prevent damage to your lashes.


LVL is a low maintenance treatment so it’s easy to keep your lashes looking fresh.

LVL lashes Bristol
LVL lashes Bristol

All about HD Brows

The HD treatment is not a permanent procedure and therefore needs to be repeated to keep your HD brows looking great every 4-6 weeks. Please allow at least an hour for your HD Brow treatment.

Sensitivity Patch Test
Every client, must complete a sensitivity patch test. If there has been a change to your health or wellbeing you will need to be re-patch tested, this will be required at least 48 hours prior to your treatment. This patch test is for your own safety.

The HD Experience

HD Brows is more than a treatment, it's an experience, and it is this experience that clients are demanding. HD Brows has transformed traditional brow shaping from a quick salon visit into the ultimate eyebrow styling experience, giving you a bespoke tailor-made brow as there is no single HD Brow style.

HD Brows

  • Couture Design
  • Refined Techniques
  • Bespoke Products
  • Tailored Aftercare and Treatment Plan
  • Brand Presence
  • VS

    Traditional Brow Shaping

  • Traditional Design
  • Traditional Techniques
  • No Brand Presence
  • HD Brows: 7 steps to brow perfection

    Step One: Consultation - Beginning with an in-depth consultation your stylist will discuss size, shape and the look you want before beginning work on your bespoke brows.

    Step Two: Tinting - Custom-blended colour is applied and whether we darken or simply tone the natural colour of your brow hair your stylist will make sure your brow colour complements your skin tone, hair colour and overall look.
    From there, we use our exclusive brow mapping formula to design your unique shape before using a combination of HD hair removal techniques to create it.

    Step Three: Waxing - A specially blended HD brow wax is used to painlessly and precisely remove unwanted hair from the above, below and mid section of the brow area.

    Step Four: Threading - The purpose of threading is to blend away any tell tale signs of waxing whilst removing any excess downy hairs.

    Step Five: Tweezing - Removal of any obvious stray hairs, and refine the shape and soften the edges of the final brow design.

    Step Six: Trimming - Specialised HD scissors are used to trim back long, wiry and unruly hairs to create a neat and tidy brow line.

    Step Seven: Finish and aftercare - Finally your brows will be perfected using our luxury make up collection. Then your HD stylist will give you individual advice to maintain and make the most of your brows between appointments.
    And don’t worry if there isn’t enough hair to create your perfect brows immediately, we’ll put you on a regrowth programme and work with you every step of the way to achieve the perfect brow for you.

    HD Brows Lightening

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    New Clients will be required to pay a £10 non refundable booking fee. This must be paid via bank transfer or cash to secure your appointment.
    Appointments for my Existing clients may be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If cancelled after this time there will be a charge of £10.
    In the case of a no-show or appointments cancelled on the day, both New and existing Clients will be charged at the RRP of £30 for HD Brows and £45 for LVL.
    Every client, must complete a sensitivity patch test. If there has been a change to your health or wellbeing you will need to be re-patch tested, this will be required at least 48 hours prior to your treatment. This patch test is for your own safety
    Clients under the age of 16, and clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not be tinted as part of the HD Brows® treatment. All other parts of the HD Brows treatment can be completed, we just advise to skip the tinting stage.
    A sensitivity Patch Test must be performed 48 hours prior to every treatment
    Clients under the age of 18, and clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should cannot have the LVL treatment.